Advantages of Hiring a Pet Sitter

Benefits of a Pet Sitter to your Pets

· Unlike humans, pets prefer to have their life the same each day. They like to do things habitually. Hiring a pet sitter means allowing your pet to stay in your home. The sight, smell and sounds will be all familiar to your special pal unlike in boarding facilities.

· When at the pet sitter's home, your pet's diet and routine will continue which is very important. There are animals placed in boarding facilities that get too stressed that they do not have the appetite to eat. There are also facilities that do not regularly give the needed exercise.

· The possibility of your pet getting exposed to stressful situations and diseases will be minimized when a sitter takes care of him. The chances of your special buddy acquiring germs and disease are higher if he is in boarding facility with other animals not familiar to him.

· The hassles of traveling from your home to the kennel will be eliminated. There are times that constant travelling can be very stressful to your pet.

Pet Food Dispenser: Buying The Right Pet Food Dispenser With 8 Tips

You will be a very happy cat owner if you find a good solution for you and your cat. These are important tips:

Tip 1: Check if the automatic feeder has a digital timer so you can program a feeding schedule for your cat. You can, for example, program the feeder to dispense food 3 times daily: at 9 am, 2 pm and 7 pm. This is very important to consider if you want to feed your cat more than once a day.

Tip 2: Check if the feeder dispensing system can also be programmed. For example, if you have your cat on a diet, you can program the feeder to dispense a total of 90 grs of food daily; or if your cat eats more than that, you can program it for 150 grs daily, or whatever amount you want it to eat. If you want to give your cat a maximum of 90 grs of food, distributed in 3 portions per day, for example, check if the feeder is capable of dispensing individual 30 gr portions.